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Membership Overview

Core is Canada’s leading non-partisan, member-driven association dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and capabilities of managing sourcing and service arrangements. Membership is held by corporate entities.

All employees of a member organization benefit from access to high-quality and cost-effective education, no-fee attendance at Discussion Forums and Conferences, and access to Core’s Research Centre and White Papers.

A membership with Core not only ensures access to industry leading intelligence but more importantly access to a broader community dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences.

Membership Benefits

  • Access to Core events and services for all employees of the member organization 
  • No cost for participation at Discussion Forums, Conferences and Webinars
  • Reduced rates for Executive Education courses (30% discount)
  • Reduced rates for customized courses for operational teams of service arrangements and for senior leader executive seminars
  • Access to Core’s members-only Resource Centre with the latest information on the sourcing market and trends
  • Sharing of knowledge and practices between buyers, service providers and advisors
  • Ability for employees to obtain the AOP™ certification showing a comprehensive knowledge and experience with all elements of sourcing and the management of service arrangements
  • Opportunities to demonstrate thought leadership within the community by participating in panel discussions and delivering presentations at discussion forums and education events
  • Networking opportunities with industry peers and leading experts
  • Opportunities to learn from Core’s faculty team who are some of Canada’s leading experts
  • Revenue < $50 Million: $1,000
  • Revenue $50-$250 Million: $3,000
  • Revenue > $250 Million: $5,000
  • Less than 30 employees: $1,500

  • 30 - 500 employees: $4,500

  • More than 500 employees: $7,500

  • Sole Proprietor: $500

  • Less than 20 employees: $1,000

  • 20 - 250 employees: $3,000

  • More than 250 employees: $5,000

  • Student currently enrolled in eligible educational institution